Maxflow electronic fuel metering control system in one compact cabinet

MaxFlow is an electronic fuel metering control system that has been the benchmark in optimising space on the modern chassis. An industry first, MaxFlow consolidates all controls into one single cabinet and is both compact and reliable. 

The comprehensive design and layout of MaxFlow means fewer controls and increased reliability, keeping your driver in control throughout the entire delivery process. 

Maxflow electronic fuel metering

Simple with fewer controls:

At MechTronic we took the opportunity to simplify our electronic fuel metering system without compromising on functionality or safety:

  • All controls are housed in a single transparent weatherproof enclosure
  • Simplified approach means fewer electrical and pneumatic connectors making it easier to fit
  • Intuitive system with significantly less controls meaning fewer driver inputs
  • The Smart Product Grade Indication and its audible alarm are located right next to the compartment selection, making sure contamination’s are a thing of the past
  • System is interlocked to ensure the bottom loading and vapour recovery operations cannot be used simultaneously with the pump discharge system
  • Remote emergency shutdown valves provide the road tanker with additional security when needed
  • Status indication of the gas extractor, system and pump pressure gauges keep the driver in the picture
  • Hose/bulk selection is interlocked to ensure the hose is selected at the end of every delivery
  • A switch is provided for an external auxiliary light as well as a circuit breaker with red indicator light for hose reel operation