VisiLevel: Delivering onboard fuel security

VisiLevel measures the volume of product onboard the vehicle throughout the delivery process, ensuring product security and a complete live audit trail of all product movements when integrated with MechTronic’s StockSmart tracking. 

MechTronic have developed StockSmart vehicle tracking with the customer in mind, and are working with DreamTec to deliver the i–Meter GPS stock and vehicle tracking system.

In the third of our series of articles, we focus on how VisiLevel protects your onboard product. 

As a fuel gauging system, VisiLevel automatically provides actual loaded product information tracking to StockSmart, a web-based vehicle tracking and data transfer system that makes vehicle, stock and driver monitoring straight-forward.  

StockSmart integrates seamlessly with VisiLevel and has been designed to allow fuel oil operatives to monitor fuel deliveries online in real-time. Incorporating an enhanced reporting package which delivers end of shift reporting and stock reconciliation for fuel delivery tankers like no other system can – ensuring that you always know where your valuable fuel load is. 

Product movements and deliveries are date, time and location stamped to provide you an audit trail that is second to none. Alarms are also in place to alert the tanker owner via text or email, of any unauthorised product movements. 

For more information on VisiLevel or to book a live on-site demo, please contact Brad on 0113 279 9661 or via email.