Complete Systems

Providing all your road tanker equipment for safe and contamination free fuel deliveries, including tanker metering and gauging systems

Below are some of the systems designed and built by MechTronic, these include: tanker metering and gauging systems, fuel meter control, in-cab computing systems, bottom loading manifolds, LPG and lube oil tanker metering systems. Our entire product range is designed with safety and cost effectiveness in mind and provides real benefits for the fuel oil delivery distributor.


tanker metering and gauging systems

The electronic metering system of choice that saves fuel oil operatives time, money and prevents contamination.


ATEX and IECEx approved level gauging system that delivers quality, ensures product security and provides driver safety.


tanker metering and gauging systems

Our VisiFlow manifold provides reliable and cost-effective deliveries by reducing the threat of spills and contamination.

In Cab Computer

Providing real time visibility of the fuel delivery process.

LPG Truck Metering

Accurate deliveries with our LPG electronic metering control system.

Lube Oil

We provide high quality lube oil electronic metering systems for road tankers that are designed to be both flexible and reliable.