LPG Truck Metering

Accurate deliveries with our LPG electronic metering control system

Our innovative and consolidated approach to system design gives the LPG distributor choice with progress.

All driver controls are housed in one easy to use console that can be placed on the side of the road tanker. Foot valve, PTO, engine stop/start and litre counter controls are brought together to give your driver the simplest interface possible.

The system can also be controlled via a remote control.

Designed at MechTronic, our range of powerful remotes enable:

  • The driver to set up, couple and begin the delivery without returning to the tanker, improving safety, productivity and reducing driver fatigue
  • All of our remotes incorporate a ‘dead man’ feature with alarm and system inhibit to minimise spillage
  • Our remote with litre counter option gives the driver the ultimate in delivery monitoring at the receiving tank