Self-draining manifold prevents contamination caused by remaining residue or fuel traps

VisiFlow’s self-draining manifold delivers a cleaner line change and protects fuel oil distributors against contamination. This industry first ensures that the manifold is fully cleared every time, leaving the driver free to continue with their next delivery without the threat of a possible contamination and when integrated with OptiMate, the process is fully automated and the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated.

By further incorporating a sight glass into the manifold end cap, VisiFlow helps the driver to identify the contents of the manifold and the large visual poppet indicator provides reassurance that the correct compartment is open.

VisiFlow integrates the manifold body, API and product transfer spout into one seamless casting, resulting in less joints and fewer leak paths. VisiFlow reduces the threat of spills and contamination by identifying whether fuel oil grade is remaining in the manifold. By incorporating sight glasses into the end cap, VisiFlow helps the driver identify the contents of the manifold. The large visual poppet indicator reassures the driver he has the correct compartment open, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

VisiFlow’s main features:

  • Light and reliable
  • Integrated manifold body with the API and return spout
  • Self-draining manifold that prevents contaminations
  • Gas extractor with integral filter housing ensures access is optimised by placing the filter housing directly beneath the manifold, allowing spillage free access to the filter element
  • Impossible-to-miss and highly visual poppet indicator assures the driver he has the correct compartment open
  • Product return spouts angled at 45 degrees enable easier connections to be made. The spout also incorporates its own filter with a simple to remove retaining clip
  • Full flow manifold sight glass