Our Meter Calibration Support

Dedicated to delivering a quality meter calibration service

MechTronic deliver an honest, accurate and timely meter calibration service to our customers. As part of our calibration, a full health check of the vehicle will be undertaken and re-verification certificates supplied.

We have a team of formerly National Weights and Measures (NWML) certified master meters sited around the country, who provide a fast response to our customers’ requirements.

Customers with a service contract are entitled to a free meter calibration each year. But don’t worry if you don’t hold a contract, simply contact our service team to arrange an engineer to visit. 

To read more on the importance of meter calibrations, please see our blog post.

To book your meter calibration please contact us.


MechTronic is MID approved and authorised to verify Alpeco metering systems

In June 2008 MechTronic, as a ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, was awarded the status of an approved verifier. This complements the support network we maintain and allows our service team to self-verify MechTronic and Alpeco metering systems. To enhance this approval, we applied and were approved for the MID certification directive (2004/22/EC Annex MI-005). As a result, this approval, allows MechTronic to undertake conformity assessment on our metering systems to other member states of the European community.