Lube Oil

We build our lube oil tanker metering systems around your operation

We provide high quality lube oil electronic metering systems for road tankers that are designed to be both flexible and reliable. This approach ensures that all our systems are designed to meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Tanker dedicated

Our hydraulically driven systems allow infinite pump speed control and guarantees that lube oil flow rates from the tanker are optimised. Our systems operate as either a single or multi pump electronic metering system to keep contamination to a minimum.

If required our custom-built systems can include temperature compensation and product line pressure sensing to ensure the pump relief valve setting is exploited to the full, making sure your tanker is on-site for the minimum amount of time.

Lube skid

Lube skid is a demountable, engine driven pumping system for customers who experience variable demand and who are looking to get the most from their fleet. Our lube skid encompasses all the features of the metering system, with the additional benefit of ensuring your fleet utilisation is maximised.