Pollard Pumps

MechTronic is excited to announce that we have become a distributor for Pollard Pumps.

We offer sliding vane pumps in three different sizes – 4-inch, 3-inch, and 2-inch – that can be easily installed on your bulk trailer, rigid or urban artic. These Pollard Pumps are a great alternative to the Blackmer pump and can be used to replace any faulty Blackmer pump. The best part is that Pollard Pumps have the same footprint as a Blackmer pump, which means you don’t need any additional pipework.

These innovative sliding vane pumps are available in three different flow rates and provide real benefits to the UK market. The pumps are specifically designed for the transfer, loading, and unloading of various petroleum-based products and biofuels.

Over the past year, MechTronic has conducted extensive trials of these pumps on tankers in the United Kingdom. The results have shown exceptional reliability, with the pumps providing a constant flow of fluid without the need for greasing, saving valuable time and resources. Overall, these pumps have proven to be a highly effective solution for fluid transfer on tankers, offering a reliable and efficient option for businesses in the UK.

Main features:

  • Low maintenance, no requirement to grease the pump.
  • Single mechanical seal.
  • Industry-leading flow rates and quiet performance.
  • Pneumatic or mechanical bypass.
  • Robust construction for working in severe conditions.
  • Fully ATEX-approved and designed to European standards.

Our product literature is available to download here.