OptiMate: Preventing fuel contamination

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In the second of our series that focusses on the top 5 unique benefits of OptiMate, we focus on the automatic line change procedure.  

This function enables the driver to set a standard delivery to include an automatic line change at the end of a delivery without having to return to the tanker to enact the process. Automatic line changes can be created regardless of whether you are making a hose, reel, or bulk delivery. 

What are the benefits of a fully automated line change procedure?

  • OptiMate stores the calibrated short and long volumes of line changes  
  • No requirements for driver calculations or guesswork  
  • With OptiMate, drivers can successfully perform a line change at the point of delivery, without causing a contamination or returning to the vehicle to enact the process. 

See our Alan Murphy Coal & Oil case study to see how this automatic line change procedure enhanced deliveries.  

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Alan Murphy