D.T.S. In Cab Computing

Mobile fleet management

D.T.S. are experts in the provision of Fuel Delivery Technology Solutions. Enhancing the controls, visibility and efficiency of your delivery operation through the provision of a driver delivery app and delivery data web portal, all enabling you to deliver more product, safer, greener and more profitably.

For the drivers

D.T.S. assist the drivers with the 3 basic pillars of the delivery:

  1. Find the correct delivery site
  2. Find the correct tank
  3. Deliver and confirm the correct product and quantity

Doing the simple things consistently and accurately enables the other technological advancements and benefits to be realised.

D.T.S. Mobile
  • The hardware options provided are easy to use and based on the latest android technology. D.T.S have IP68 and ATEX rated options all designed to meet the security, safety and environmental demands of a fuel delivery process.
  • The tablet is a robust host for the D.T.S. fuel delivery app, presenting the drivers with easy to follow clear instructions for the safe and efficient completion of their daily delivery, safety and stock movement tasks.
  • D.T.S. integrate with all meter types and offer presetting, line change, stock movement and printing instructions as well as the automatic collection of the delivered product and quantity.
  • To support the drivers in the field D.T.S. provide a live link between the office and the tablet and are able to directly assist the driver on the app with whatever challenges have presented themselves.

For the office staff

  • D.T.S. provide a user friendly window on the planned and actual delivery, vehicle, route and stock movement details.
  • By providing the key operational information we enable all the office based teams to better manage the fleet and customer relationships. 
  • All without the reliance on contacting the driver for data while he is trying to drive and deliver safely.
  • A web portal that provides all planned, live and historical data relating to the delivery process.  This enables the transport team to track both.

For the management team

  • The D.T.S. IMPROVE BI Dashboard consolidates over 150 data source points from the delivery process to present a live and historical window on the KPI’s that matter.
  • Designed together D.T.S. create a portal that highlights the key business performance metrics that matter to the specific operation and user type.
  • With more information at your finger tips you are better placed to manage your business from a place of knowledge, all without distracting your team from the job at hand by introducing lengthy data collation tasks.