Fixed gravity metering!

In collaboration with our partners, Alma. We are delighted to be able to deliver GraviCompt, a compact ATEX approved metering system that is dedicated to gravity deliveries of all refined products such as diesel and petrol.  

MechTronic are the first company to supply a metering system for all gravity deliveries within the UK trailer market. 

A turbine meter is installed behind each API coupling. The turbine allows bi-directional metering which means you can measure the quantities that are bottom loaded and delivered. Therefore, you can now load/discharge petrol, diesel through the API as normal, but now the volume is metered. 

No gas separator is required and with GraviCompt’s preset function, drivers can set a specific quantity to deliver, ensuring the exact quantity is delivered every time without fail. 

Our brochure is available to download here. Or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your requirements or if you require further information.