MechTronic deliver OptiMate driver training with Consols Oils

Consols Oils, part of the NWF Fuel Group, are a dedicated fuels and lubricant business and deliver a range of quality fuels and oils throughout Cornwall.  

In February 2021,  received their first OptiMate electronic metering system and MechTronic’s local engineer Martin Adam joined the driver on their delivery schedule to provide driver training (to adhere to Covid-19 rules, Martin followed the vehicle and maintained strict social distancing). 

Martin said: “By joining the driver on the road, I am able to help guide them with their first deliveries, answer any questions that may arise and calm any first-time nerves. By the end of the day, the drivers are fully confident in using the system and frequently comment how simple it is to use.” 

Preventing contamination

Martin states: “As part of our driver training, I train the driver in the automatic contamination prevention functions of OptiMate which includes emptying of the manifold, performing line changes and follow-on procedures. These automatic processes ensure that drivers are simply not able to deliver a fuel type that will cause a contamination as the product grade is inputted directly from the product grade indicators which gives fuel oil operatives and their drivers peace of mind.” 

“OptiMate utilises firmware that enables software updates to adapt to changing customer requirements, ensuring that OptiMate is futureproof.” 

Brad wilke, sales and marketing manager, mechtronic

A simple and efficient fuel metering system  

MechTronic’s philosophy has always been to listen to our customers and OptiMate has been designed with the fuel oil operative in mind. Brad Wilkie, Sales and Marketing Manager at MechTronic commented: “OptiMate utilises firmware that enables software updates to adapt to changing customer requirements, ensuring that OptiMate is futureproof.  

“Furthermore, OptiMate has been designed so that it is simple to use, the system features just three buttons and as drivers do not need to return to the vehicle to perform simple line changes, fuel oil operatives can save time during their deliveries.  

“A system that is simple to use and protects drivers against contamination has been welcomed throughout the industry with over 300 OptiMate’s now on the road since its launch in 2016 – many of which are repeat business.”