Oilfast deliver with OptiMate

Oilfast delivers fuel across Scotland and prides itself on its range of fuel tankers within its fleet, which ensures it can meet its customers’ varied requirements and always delivers excellent service.

In July 2022 they took delivery of two OptiMate electronic metering systems, taking their fleet to three OptiMate’s.

Support and assistance from MechTronic 

Brad Wilkie, Managing Director at MechTronic said: “OptiMate is an advanced electronic metering system designed to optimise fuel delivery operations. With its innovative technology, OptiMate seeks to address familiar challenges faced by fuel delivery drivers, such as time management and fuel contamination. By automating various processes, OptiMate enables drivers to focus on continuing to deliver excellent customer service while ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency. 


“Whilst the implementation of any new technology can be challenging, having prompt, reliable support is essential to ensure a smooth transition, this is why MechTronic has engineers geographically split across the UK so that we can get to our customers when they need us.”

Responsive and friendly support team

Charles Lowe, Transport and Logistics Director at Oilfast commented: “The drivers have found the MechTronic support team to be friendly and approachable, always willing to help when issues arise. Whether it is a technical glitch or a question about the system’s functionality, the support team has been quick to help and provide guidance.”

Quick resolution of issues 

Charles continues: “When problems do occur, the MechTronic support team has been efficient in resolving them, minimising any potential downtime or disruption to Oilfast’s operations. This level of support has contributed to the successful implementation of OptiMate and its continued success within the company.”