Auditing fuel deliveries with FlexiCompt+

In June 2018, Potteries Fuels took delivery of FlexiCompt+. A portable and compact MID certified metering system that enables precise measuring of multiple petroleum-based products.

With an Adriane turbine, the volume delivered to a depot can be quickly and easily checked. Critically, FlexiCompt+ shows any discrepancies between product shrinkage and growth and between the actual amount loaded (bill of lading) and the amount delivered/invoiced. Providing a total audit of product through each delivery.

Brad Wilkie, Sales and Marketing Manager at MechTronic visited Potteries Fuels in June 2018 to deliver user training to the team and (as per the photo) hand over the device to employee Oliver.

Antony Griffiths, Owner of Potteries Fuel said: “For us, this has been a great asset. We are able to confirm any fuel discrepancies quickly and efficiently and we can ensure that we are always getting the correct fuel quantities delivered and that we are only charged for the fuel we are actually receiving.”

Brad Wilkie delivered user training of FlexiCompt to Potteries Fuel