Five years of OptiMate!

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OptiMate is an innovative and reliable electronic metering system that has been built with the operator in mind and supports fuel oil operatives with their busy delivery demands. OptiMate has been successfully in operation for five years and over the next five weeks we will build on our previous post and provide more detail on the top five unique benefits of OptiMate. 

OptiMate has been designed to save fuel oil operatives, time, money and prevent contamination. These three principles are consistently applied to each unique benefit that OptiMate provides and with over 340 OptiMate’s now on the road (from both new and repeat customers), it is clear to see why OptiMate is the electronic metering system of choice. 

In the first of our 5-part series on OptiMate’s top 5 unique benefits , we focus on:


OptiMate’s automatic product load plan 

  • Via our bespoke and unique smart product grade indicator system (SPGI)  
  • No manual entry process is required, reduces keying errors, and saves time  
  • OptiMate recalls the last product delivered and using our SPGI system, OptiMate will only present the compartments containing the same product and prevents a contamination from occurring. 

See our YouTube video that highlights how easy it is to load the product plan. 

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