We meet Vicky, our Finance Manager

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As we continue our series of articles that focus on our wider team:  

We meet Vicky, our Finance Manager! 

Vicky joined MechTronic as Finance Manager in 2016, after spending much of her career working in the catering sector. Vicky said: “Naturally working within finance, my skills are transferable. During my time at MechTronic I have been able to broaden my skillset by working on various key projects. It is great to be involved across the business and working together with the team to develop solutions that enable the business to respond quickly to changing conditions.” 

What does Vicky do in her spare time?  

Vicky said: “Despite knowing nothing about football, recently, alongside my husband (who is the manager) I help support my son’s football team. In a brief period, we have successfully obtained community grants and set up fundraising so that the boys are able to take part in team building exercises.” 

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