Two more bowsers commissioned in Kenya! 

In 2017, the Kenya Port Authority (KPA) invested in two, one compartment bowsers which featured MechTronic’s VisiLevel gauging system to prevent pilfering at its port. Now, in March 2022, Simon and Brad returned to Kenya as they commissioned another two bowsers into operation.  

These bowsers are two compartment and have metered uplift to help facilitate self-loading and increase efficiency.  

Brad said: “VisiLevel, is an ATEX and IECEx approved level gauging system that uses patented and proven technology to identify a tankers fuel content; by measuring the volume, temperature, density and colour. 

“This unique gauging system ensures that the date, time, and location is recorded when the fuel tanker makes it delivery. When linked to i-Meter, a cloud-based tracking system, actual loaded product information is automatically uploaded to the tracking system and using the metered delivery information, the product left onboard the tanker at the end of the day is reconciled. An end of shift report can be easily created to identify any stock variations, guaranteeing the security of both the onboard product and tanker.” 

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