Prevent contamination with our unique self-draining manifold!

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Save up to 450 litres a week with shorter, cleaner line changes thanks to OptiMate’s unique self-draining manifold.

In the fourth of our series that focusses on how OptiMate can save you time, money and prevent contamination we focus on our self-draining manifold that revolutionised the industry.

How is contamination prevented?

  • A three-degree self-draining manifold ensures that no fuel traps occur when changing products 
  • Working in conjunction with the automatic line change procedure, OptiMate empties the manifold before introducing the next product. This alone can help save 450l a week resulting in a cost saving of £22,815 per truck, per year on today’s fuel prices* 
  • Prevents products mixing in the manifold and protects against contamination during a line change.

Our self-draining manifold is an industry first that enhances a cleaner line change and protects fuel operatives against contamination.  

With over 590 trucks now delivering with OptiMate, it is clear to see why fuel operatives are choosing to deliver with OptiMate.