How automatic compartment follow-on will save your driver’s time and save you money!

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OptiMate’s automatic compartment follow-on can help your business save £329.33 per driver, per year.*

In the third of our series that focusses on how OptiMate can save you time, money and prevent contamination we focus on the automatic compartment follow-on function. 

Drivers remain at the point of delivery

  • OptiMate allows drivers to perform a delivery from multiple compartments containing the same product whilst remaining at the point of delivery 
  • On average a driver will make 8 trips back and forth to switch compartments (on a 5-compartment tanker). However, with OptiMate’s automatic compartment change procedure, these trips are not required.
  • Automatic compartment follow-on is a fully automated process that prevents overspills, contamination and saves time. 

Our YouTube video¯highlights how easy it is to perform a delivery from multiple compartments without needing to return to the vehicle.

The automatic processes that OptiMate offers increase efficiencies, saves drivers time and saves your business money.

With over 590 trucks now delivering with OptiMate, it is clear to see why fuel oil operatives are choosing OptiMate to deliver their valuable fuel loads. 

*Based on minimum wage as of November 2022 and on 5 compartment system.

Automatic Compartment Follow On
Our video demonstrates how easy it is to perform an automatic compartment follow-on