HVO and why OptiMate is the best way to go

With sustainability at the forefront of business decisions today, many companies are turning to alternative fuels like HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) as a greener option for their operations. HVO boasts numerous benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality, making it a desirable choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.

As with any fuel delivery, accurate metering and measurement is essential and that’s where OptiMate comes in – the electronic metering system that helps customers deliver HVO fuel sustainably and with precision.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of choosing HVO for your business and why OptiMate is the best way to go when it comes to greener fuel and increased sustainability.

HVO and OptiMate

What is HVO? 

HVO heating oil is a renewable liquid fuel made using hydrogen and has a chemical structure that is very similar to kerosene. It can be made from a variety of vegetable oils and certified waste fats. Being a renewable heating oil, it is much more environmentally friendly than existing heating oil options. 

Not only is HVO renewable, but it is also a high-quality fuel that meets European standard EN15940. This means it can be used in existing heating oil systems without any modifications, and it is a drop-in replacement for traditional heating oil. 

Additionally, HVO has a low carbon intensity compared to traditional heating oil, meaning it releases fewer carbon emissions during combustion. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their sustainability efforts. 

How does OptiMate help businesses deliver HVO? 

At MechTronic, we are passionate about providing fuel oil operatives with the most reliable and efficient electronic metering system on the market, and OptiMate delivers on that promise. With its fuel contamination prevention measures, remote control capabilities, fuel theft prevention technology, and accuracy in handling HVO, OptiMate is the perfect tool for businesses looking to improve sustainability and efficiency in fuel delivery. Furthermore, when integrated with in-cab computing software such as that provided by D.T.S.DreamTec, and TouchStar the system’s comprehensive data logging capabilities allow businesses to keep track of their fuel usage and identify any discrepancies or potential issues. 

In summary, OptiMate is the perfect solution for fuel oil operatives looking to diversify into the HVO market. OptiMate saves time with shorter deliveries and supports our customers to deliver on their sustainability and efficiency objectives. With its advanced technology, remote control capabilities, and compatibility with HVO, OptiMate offers a comprehensive and reliable solution that can help businesses maximise their profits and minimise their environmental impact.