OptiMate: The electronic metering system that delivers

In the second of our four-part series, we focus on how OptiMate has revolutionised the fuel delivery market. 

Innovative technology and automatic processes 

One of the primary factors contributing to MechTronic’s success has been OptiMate, the innovative electronic metering system. OptiMate is designed to make fuel deliveries more efficient and accurate, with a range of automatic processes that improve the overall delivery experience. The system’s user-friendly interface and advanced features have made it the preferred choice for fuel oil operatives in the UK and Ireland.

Positive feedback from customers 

OptiMate has received excellent feedback from our customers, with many praising the system’s ease of use and reliable performance. Drivers appreciate the minimal button interface and clear information display, which simplifies the fuel delivery process. The system’s ability to perform a line change without requiring the driver to return to the vehicle has also significantly reduced delivery times.

Enhanced safety and reduced contamination risks

The OptiMate system is designed with safety in mind, featuring a self-draining manifold that ensures a cleaner line change. This reduces the risk of contamination and allows for shorter line changes, further improving the efficiency of fuel deliveries. 

In addition, with OptiMate, the driver can perform a line change at the point of delivery. They do not need to return to the vehicle; this saves the driver from going up and down ladders, making unnecessary trips back and forth to the vehicle, and prevents any possible slips and trips. A great deal of time can also be saved, particularly if access to the storage tank is difficult.