WP Group delivers with OptiMate

The WP Group is a leading fuel supply and distribution company that provides commercial and domestic clients with a complete and tailored fuel management programme. Working to supply and deliver fuel, in addition to sustainable solutions that prevent fuel contamination, improve efficiency, and ensure reliability. They have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service.

In June 2022, the WP Group sought to improve its operations by implementing an additional two OptiMate electronic metering systems, with a further four due to be delivered shortly!

Driver experiences with OptiMate

The success of any electronic metering system largely depends on its user-friendliness and the extent to which it addresses the needs of its end-users, in this case, the fuel delivery drivers. We spoke to David Willcox, Tanker Driver at the WP Group to understand his experience with OptiMate and the benefits it has delivered.

WP Group

Ease of use

OptiMate is designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn, even for those who are not tech-savvy. David said: “After the initial training, I found the system’s menu simple and straightforward, with quick scrolling options that enable me to navigate through the various functions effortlessly.”

Time-saving capabilities

David states: “I believe that significant time savings are made when using OptiMate, as the automatic functions, such as line and compartment changes, make the delivery process much faster. I no longer need to return to the truck to enact this function as I can stay at the point of delivery.”

A faster delivery process enables drivers to complete more deliveries in a day, ultimately benefiting both the WP Group and its customers.

Enhanced safety and reassurance

We asked David about OptiMate’s fuel contamination prevention, and he commented: “OptiMate’s ability to prevent fuel contamination, provides an added layer of reassurance and confidence when I am making a delivery.”

Drivers across the UK have commented to us that they appreciate the fact that the electronic metering system “has their back,” ensuring the highest standards of safety and professionalism in their day-to-day operations.

OptiMate delivers for our customers

OptiMate’s automation capabilities, real-time data, and error prevention features have enhanced efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. In addition, the positive experiences of WP Group drivers and the excellent support from MechTronic have contributed to the successful adoption and ongoing use of OptiMate.