Over thirty, Your NRG tankers are now delivering with OptiMate!

Your NRG is an independent bulk fuel distributor that began in 2007 and is run from their base in Hartlepool with depots at Teesside, Tyneside, the Vale of York, East Anglia, and Bedfordshire.

Peter Kitchen, Operations Manager at Your NRG said: “Your NRG’s focus is fuel distribution. Since 2007, we have seen continued growth with the capacity to distribute domestic, commercial, agricultural, and more recentlymarine fuels on a regional basis.”

Peter stated: “At Your NRG we have implemented a continued growth strategy and invested in market leading customer service, communications, vehicles, fleet technology, and personnel. We first invested in OptiMate in 2020 and since then, we are now running 34 OptiMate electronic metering systems across our fleet.”

Automatic contamination prevention

Peter said: “After a demonstration of OptiMate, we felt that the automatic processes and contamination prevention measures that OptiMate offers, were beneficial to our business. We naturally have processes in place to prevent fuel contamination but the fact that the system would not permit a fuel contamination was key.

Your NRG

“Brad demonstrated the automatic line change process, which is a huge benefit to our operation, especially when drivers are delivering fuel and can be up a ladder or 150ft away from the truck. Not only does this automatic process save time, but it also provides a safer working environment as it reduces the number of times our drivers must climb up and down a set of ladders.

“We have been using OptiMate across our fleet for the past 3 years now and I have been impressed with how easy the system is to operate, feedback from the drivers is positive and we are pleased with the service provided by MechTronic.”