OptiMate: Proven to deliver for the fuel industry

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Since its launch in 2016, OptiMate, the electronic metering system, has been a reliable solution that has revolutionised the way fuel is monitored, measured, and managed. No more manual measurement techniques that are outdated and unreliable. The advanced technology of OptiMate offers precise measurements, which enable automatic line changes and compartment changes, saving fuel operatives time and money while preventing contamination.

Real-time monitoring 

OptiMate easily integrates with in-cab computing software to enable fuel operatives to monitor fuel levels on the vehicle. Operators can remotely access the system, enabling them to keep track of stock levels at any given moment. This helps streamline operations, minimise fuel losses, and optimise stock levels, improving overall efficiency and profitability.  

Enhanced safety and compliance

Safety and compliance are critical in the fuel industry. OptiMate provides advanced features that contribute to improving safety standards. Its automatic capabilities eliminate the need for drivers to leave the hose unattended and return to the vehicle multiple times to make changes to the line or compartment. This can save drivers an average of 20 minutes a day and whenever a line or compartment change is required, it reduces the number of return visits to the truck by six times.  

Furthermore, OptiMate’s self-draining manifold, automatic line, and compartment change procedures decrease the frequency of drivers going up and down ladders to a customer’s tank. This minimises the risk of accidents and ensures compliance with environmental regulations. 

Cost and time savings 

Implementing OptiMate brings significant cost and time savings to fuel operatives. OptiMate’s advanced features and robust design make it the go-to electronic metering system for operators looking for reliability and efficiency. Whether you are a smaller independent distributor or a larger fuel delivery company, OptiMate provides the solution you need to streamline your operations and prevent fuel contamination. 

A future-proof design 

OptiMate is a fuel management solution that is designed to cater to both present and future needs. Its latest release comes equipped with the ability to provide accurate turbine metering for both hose/bulk and gravity deliveries. With OptiMate, you can rest assured that every single litre of fuel will be precisely metered and accounted for, regardless of the delivery method used. 

OptiMate is the preferred electronic metering system for the fuel industry, with over 680 tankers across the UK and Ireland currently using it. It is evident from the fact that many repeat customers are among the 300 confirmed orders scheduled for delivery over the next 18 months that OptiMate is the leading choice in electronic metering systems.