Fully operational OptiMate unit delivers!

How many people does it take to shift this 3.7m, 125kg OptiMate training and demonstration unit from one room to another…? 

Six people!  

This is a serious piece of kit, engineered to the highest standard. It features a five-pot replica tanker with electronic metering system, vapour recovery adaptor, anti-move, EB80 pneumatic control module, foot valves, vent valves and overfill prevention probes to name but a few!  

This kit has been created by Alfie and Ryan in our engineering and development team to test new software updates prior to rolling these out to customers and as a training tool for our engineers.  

OptiMate Training and Demonstration Rig

Engineer development day 

With engineers located across the UK, our engineers have this week met in Leeds to share their knowledge and best practice solutions with the team. In addition, they have been able to get hands on with our OptiMate unit and understand new firmware developments.  

One element of their training has involved our team replicating any known issues in the field. Our engineers were then able to use the unit to practise, identify and locate the issue, before resolving, which means once they are in the field, they can use this knowledge to get the customer back up and running quickly.  

Giving our customers the choice 

At MechTronic we can demonstrate OptiMate via our demonstration van or if customers prefer to come to Leeds, this unit is also now available. As a replica tanker unit, customers can get hands on and see exactly how OptiMate integrates with all elements of the truck.