Future-ready fuels 

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According to a report published on Monday by trade associations OFTEC and UKIFDA, a three-year HVO demonstration project has successfully converted over a hundred oil-heated properties in the UK to run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).  

The conversions resulted in an 88% reduction in carbon emissions with minimal upfront costs. The report highlights that there is enough sustainably sourced HVO fuel for the UK’s 1.7 million oil-heated homes.  

Future ready fuel

The liquid fuel heating industry is advocating for a wider rollout of HVO as a cost-effective and pragmatic solution for decarbonising off-grid homes, especially in rural areas where heat pumps may be expensive and challenging to install. The report also includes case studies, demonstrating the successful adoption of HVO and its contribution to carbon neutrality.  

As a result of this research, OFTEC and UKIFDA are calling on the government to support the wider adoption of HVO and are urging for favourable tax treatment for renewable liquid fuels in heating. 

At MechTronic we welcome the opportunities that this report highlights, and we look forward to working with the industry to deliver greener fuels.