What are the benefits of a fully automated line change procedure?

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OptiMate is proven to save drivers 20 minutes per day!

This can deliver fuel operatives a saving of £823.33 per driver, per year. *

In the second of our series that focusses on how OptiMate can save you time, money and prevent contamination we focus on the automatic line change procedure. 

How is OptiMate different?

A traditional metering system requires a driver to know exactly how much product needs to be used to perform a line change, the driver also needs to walk back and forth to the truck and the storage tank to perform the line change, this opens the delivery to areas that can go wrong, be it an overspill, a driver falling over during his visits back and forth etc.  

With OptiMate, the driver can perform a line change at the point of delivery. They do not need to return to the vehicle; this can save six unnecessary trips back and forth to the vehicle and a great deal of time, particularly if access to the storage tank is difficult. The automatic line change function uses pre-determined data to perform an accurate line change ensuring that the line is clean for the next delivery and adheres to HMRC’s code of conduct.

Lee Crellin, driver at Ribble Fuel Oils, part of the NWF group also highlights a further benefit of the automatic line change functionality: “In my day-to-day work, one of the challenges I have come across is, if someone else has used the truck or I am on a different vehicle and I am unsure as to what is in the line, I can easily find out what the last delivery was and find out what is currently in the line, also the system won’t let you pump an incorrect fuel which is a real benefit and takes the pressure off.” 

OptiMate’s automatic line change procedure:

  • Stores the calibrated short and long volumes of line change 
  • No requirements for driver calculations or guesswork 
  • With OptiMate, drivers can successfully perform a line change at the point of delivery, without causing a contamination or returning to the vehicle to enact the process

LCC now have 25 vehicles (with 8 in build) using OptiMate. Back in 2018 they decided to install 4 OptiMate’s across their fleet, the automatic line change function was a key element in their decision process and you can read more here about their experience with OptiMate.

*Based on current minimum wage for drivers aged over 23, as of November 2022.