OptiMate’s DualTronique is shortlisted for the UKIFDA Innovation Award! 

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the UKIFDA 2024 Innovation Award, which is sponsored by Fuel Oil News magazine.  

Brad Wilkie, Managing Director said: “This is great news, and we’re delighted to be shortlisted for this award. Since we introduced OptiMate in 2016, it has grown significantly, and now over 750 tankers in the UK and Ireland use OptiMate.  

“OptiMate was created to be future-proof, and with the addition of DualTronique, our innovative solution combines two separate metering functions into a single device, allowing fuel and AdBlue deliveries to be made using one OptiMate metering head. This gives fuel operatives exceptional control, saving time, money, and preventing contamination. By streamlining the metering process, this approach improves efficiency and accuracy, setting a new industry standard. DualTronique is now operational on several vehicles across the UK and will be showcased on a tanker on Cobo’s stand at the upcoming UKIFDA Expo.” 

MechTronic Shortlisted for UKIFDA Innovation Award

MechTronic Celebrates 20 Years in the Industry

MechTronic is celebrating 20 years of providing fuel delivery solutions to the industry and will be demonstrating OptiMate at stand 14 during the UKIFDA EXPO. 

Brad said: “At MechTronic, we have been successful in meeting the changing needs of the fuel delivery sector over the past two decades. As a family-owned business, MechTronic values customer feedback and tailors its systems to meet our customers specific requirements. We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service, and I believe that this attitude to business, has made MechTronic the preferred choice for fuel delivery solutions in the UK and beyond.  

“To be shortlisted for this Award, and to achieve recognition within the industry that OptiMate and its DualTronique addition, is a truly innovative product is fantastic. Thank you to all those involved in the decision to add MechTronic to the shortlist and good luck to all involved!”  

The winner will be announced at the Awards Dinner on Wednesday 10th April – fingers crossed!