VisiLevel: Preventing fuel contamination

VisiLevel is MechTronic’s ATEX and IECEx approved level gauging system that delivers quality, ensures product security and provides driver safety. VisiLevel uses patented and proven technology, to identify the contents of your product per compartment by measuring the volume, density, colour and temperature.  

In the first of our series of articles, we focus on how VisiLevel can support your business and prevent fuel contamination.  

VisiLevel is a unique gauging system that provides product grade and temperature for each individual compartment. An electronic dipstick will accurately output product volume, temperature, density and colour, automatically displaying on the VisiLevel LCD display screen.  

This automatic process safeguards both drivers and fuel oil operatives against contamination as VisiLevel  ensures the contents of each compartment is displayed and easily checked prior to loading the truck without the risk of keying errors.  

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