Speedy take delivery of 3 OptiMate’s!

It has been a busy week at Speedy as across their Teesside and Erith tool hire depot’s they have taken delivery of three new trucks, all featuring OptiMate, with another three due in the next month!

The first OptiMate arrives at Speedy Teesside Depot

MechTronic’s engineer Dan Wadey calibrated Teesside’s truck before providing full driver training.

Tracy Firth, Northeast Area Manager at Speedy said: “It has been fantastic to receive the first OptiMate for our fleet, here in Teesside. Feedback from the team has been great and they are excited to get out on the road.” In fact, one driver, Paul Friars said: “It’s an amazing piece of kit!”

Two more OptiMate’s arrive in Erith

In Erith, Brad Wilkie, Commercial Director spent two days with the team and delivered driving training for the two trucks that they received this week.

Brad said: “It has been great to be back with customers providing that all important driver training. I spent time with the drivers and transport managers to ensure that they felt comfortable using the system and then headed out on the road with the driver to assist him making his deliveries. This hands-on training really works, allowing drivers to develop their confidence and practice in real life.”

Gareth Jones, Fleet Compliance Manager at Speedy said: “The support from the whole team at MechTronic has been brilliant. From the arrival of the trucks, they’ve been hands-on, calibrating, training, and supporting our drivers to get those first deliveries made. Our drivers are confident that they can now head out on their own and go about their daily schedules.”

Technical Specification

The four compartment fuel tankers are on a DAF chassis and built by COBO Tanker Services and fitted with OptiMate 400 electronic metering system.

Each tanker is equipped with: