How does OptiMate save time, money and prevent contamination?

For the UKIFDA EXPO we created an animation to demonstrate how OptiMate can save your business time, money and prevent contamination.

OptiMate is the fuel operatives electronic metering system of choice. With just three buttons to operate, OptiMate is both simple to use and intuitive and ensures that drivers remain at the point of delivery throughout.

Drivers are free from manual calculations as line changes or compartment changes are all automatically processed within current HMRC guidelines. The driver simply sets the delivery beforehand and then can remain safely at the point of delivery during the whole process. Not only does this save time and money, but OptiMate will not allow the driver to incorrectly select a compartment that contains a different grade of fuel, preventing contamination and ensuring a faster delivery process, leaving your driver to get to his next customer quicker.

When a delivery requires a line and compartment change, OptiMate reduces six unnecessary trips back and forth to the truck.

Watch our animation and see how OptiMate can save you time, money and prevent contamination.

OptiMate save time