OptiMate: Built to last!

In the last of our series that focusses on the 5 unique benefits of OptiMate, we focus on the future proof design. 

OptiMate is a fuel metering system that has been engineered to the highest calibre. With ongoing investment from the manufacturers, as additional updates are available, the software can be quickly and easily updated to ensure that fuel oil operatives have the latest features available and can continue to benefit from future developments. 

At MechTronic our philosophy has always been to listen to our customers and as a result of their feedback, our latest release provides hose/bulk and gravity metering through the same accurate turbine meter, regardless of the delivery method, every litre of fuel is metered and accounted for. 

OptiMate is robust, reliable and future proof 

  • An intuitive and simple user interface that is controlled by just three buttons  
  • A futureproof design that is built to last, OptiMate supports future enhancements in both firmware updates and new product developments  
  • OptiMate has been in operation in the UK for 5 years and is proven technology that saves customers time, money and prevents contamination. 

Don’t just take our word for it, our website features a range of case studies that demonstrate how OptiMate is assisting our customers every day!