Combining OptiMate with an in-cab computing system

In today’s fast-paced fuel distribution industry, efficiency and accuracy are key. Combining OptiMate, an electronic metering system, with an in-cab computing system can provide significant benefits to customers, streamlining the delivery process and ensuring a high level of service quality.

OptiMate, the electronic metering system of choice

Launched in 2016, OptiMate is an innovative and reliable electronic metering system designed with the operator in mind. It supports busy delivery demands and focuses on fuel contamination prevention requirements, offering a range of automated processes including its self-draining manifold, automatic line and compartment change, and automatic compartment follow-on.

Why combine OptiMate with an in-cab computer system?

In-cab computing refers to the integration of advanced computer systems and software within the driver’s cabin. These systems provide real-time information and communication capabilities, enhancing the efficiency and safety of delivery operations.

In the UK there are a range of in-cab computer suppliers including D.T.S Ltd, DreamTec and TouchStar to name a few. Combining in-cab computing with electronic metering systems like OptiMate can offer a range of benefits to customers, including increased efficiency, improved safety, and a more streamlined delivery process.