Why is DualTronique important for the AdBlue market?  

OptiMate is a high-tech metering solution designed to meet the evolving needs of the fuel industry. It’s equipped with advanced features that make the metering process more precise and efficient. 

A new addition called DualTronique combines two separate metering functions into a single metering controller, providing a comprehensive approach to fuel delivery. 

Improving efficiency and accuracy with DualTronique 

Before DualTronique, fuel operators faced challenges with the accuracy and efficiency of the metering process when delivering both fuel and AdBlue. Using separate metering devices for fuel and AdBlue not only made operations more complicated but also increased the risk of contamination and inefficiencies. 


With DualTronique, fuel operators can now use a single device to combine the metering functions for both fuel and AdBlue. This simplifies the metering process, allowing them to carry out fuel and AdBlue deliveries using just one OptiMate metering controller. This not only gives better control to fuel operators but also improves efficiency and accuracy. 

The integration of DualTronique brings significant time and cost savings for fuel operators by streamlining the metering process. It also reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring that fuel and AdBlue deliveries are carried out with a lower likelihood of errors or mix-ups. 

DualTronique is already in use by various clients across the UK, and it has been recognised for its innovation by being shortlisted for UKIFDA’s Innovation Award. It’s great to see the positive impact of DualTronique in the industry.