Additive dosing systems in fuel tankers

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In the world of fuel transportation, additive dosing is designed to add additives safely and accurately to fuel tankers, enhancing the fuel’s performance and meeting specific customer requirements.

In this article, we will explore the importance of additive dosing systems and how they work in fuel tankers.

Why are additives used in fuel?

Additives are substances that are added to fuel to enhance its properties. They can improve fuel stability, reduce emissions, prevent corrosion, and enhance combustion efficiency. By using additives, fuel suppliers can meet regulatory requirements and offer fuel solutions tailored to their customers’ needs.

The role of additive dosing systems

Additive dosing systems in fuel tankers are responsible for accurately and precisely adding the required amount of additive to the fuel. These systems are designed to ensure that the additives are properly mixed with the fuel, maintaining a consistent level of quality throughout the delivery process.

Additive dosing system

Components of additive dosing systems

  • Additive storage tanks: These 20-litre tanks store the required additive. They are designed to handle additives and are equipped with safety measures to prevent contamination or spillage.
  • Dosing pump: The dosing pump, in conjunction with OptiMate, is responsible for safely delivering the correct amount of additive to be mixed with the fuel. It ensures accuracy and reliability in the dosing process.
  • Control system: A control system, such as OptiMate allows operators to set the required dosage and ensures the system operates within the desired parameters. Additionally, it provides an audit trail as to the volume of additive delivered.
  • Safety features: MechTronic’s additive dosing system AddFlow, includes a bunded design, non-spill loading facility, and level gauge which ensures the safety of the operators and prevents any accidents or contaminations.

Benefits of additive dosing systems

Additive dosing systems offer several benefits to fuel suppliers and end users:

  • Improved fuel performance: By accurately dosing additives, fuel performance can be enhanced, leading to improved combustion efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced fuel stability.
  • Customisation: Additive dosing systems allow for the customisation of fuel blends, meeting specific customer requirements and regulatory standards.
  • Safety: The safety features built into these systems ensure the safe addition of additives, preventing accidents and contamination.
  • Accuracy and efficiency: With precise dosing and control capabilities, these systems offer accuracy and efficiency in additive blending.