OptiMate for all your fuel needs, including AdBlue

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The fuel oil industry is naturally concerned about its environmental footprint and as the industry embarks on new methods of working to reduce carbon emissions, MechTronic are committed to providing solutions that help reduce the wider environmental impact on climate change. 

Greener fuel deliveries with AdBlue and OptiMate  

At MechTronic we understand the pressure fuel oil operatives are under to deliver multiple fuel grades to a wide range of customers, all in a timely manner. It was from this understanding that OptiMate was designed, now as fuel oil operatives look to diversify into other sectors, particularly in delivering AdBlue, our customers can continue to deliver with OptiMate across their fleet.


Brad Wilkie, Sales and Marketing Manager at MechTronic said: “Our customers are now delivering AdBlue with OptiMate, they are using one compartment vehicles and by installing OptiMate as the metering system, operatives can ensure consistency across their fleet.

OptiMate is easy to use, with simple and clear navigation prompts it delivers fuel efficiently, and the vehicle can be remotely switched off (whilst at the point of delivery), reducing overall emissions. Now, more than ever, it is vital that the oil industry supports greener fuel additives and solutions in a bid to reduce vehicle emissions, which result in cleaner air quality for us all.

MechTronic’s OptiMate is the fuel oil operative’s electronic metering system of choice and supports fuel oil, LPG, cryogenics and Adblue deliveries.