Why DualTronique is Revolutionising AdBlue® Delivery

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Fuel operators today need advanced solutions to optimise their delivery processes and ensure the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. MechTronic has further developed its innovative metering solution OptiMate to meet these demands, with cutting-edge features and technology that is revolutionising the field.

Two metering functions with one device

One of the key advancements offered by OptiMate’s technology is DualTronique, a powerful and streamlined metering controller that combines two separate metering functions into a single device. This means that fuel operators can now use a single metering device to handle fuel and AdBlue® deliveries, ensuring a more efficient and precise process.

Before DualTronique, fuel operators had to rely on separate metering devices for fuel and AdBlue®, which made operations more complicated and increased the risk of contamination and inefficiencies. With DualTronique, this is no longer an issue: fuel operators can use a single device to combine the metering functions for both fuel and AdBlue®. This simplifies the metering process, allowing them to carry out fuel and AdBlue® deliveries using just one OptiMate metering controller.


Delivering a streamlined metering process

The benefits of DualTronique are clear. It brings time and cost savings for fuel operators by streamlining the metering process and reducing the risk of contamination, ensuring that fuel and AdBlue® deliveries are carried out with a lower likelihood of errors or mix-ups.

The integration of DualTronique will deliver significant benefits to the fuel industry, offering enhanced control, precision, and efficiency for fuel operators.