Green 4 Wales delivers AdBlue® with OptiMate

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Green 4 Wales is a pioneering company in the sustainable energy solutions industry. Established in 2010 as Oil 4 Wales, the company has continued to meet the needs of its customers, providing greener fuel deliveries like HVO. Green 4 Wales is committed to minimising its carbon footprint and advocating for sustainable practices.

Now, in June 2024, Green 4 Wales has taken delivery of another OptiMate to support its delivery of the solution, AdBlue® (taking their fleet to 13).

OptiMate delivers efficiency

OptiMate is designed to optimise the management and delivery of Adblue®, which is a solution to reduce exhaust emissions. By integrating this innovative system into their operations, Green 4 Wales has enhanced their capabilities in effectively handling and distributing AdBlue®.

MechTronic’s OptiMate uses advanced technology to monitor and control the delivery process, ensuring accurate measurement and minimal wastage. This precision not only enhances operational efficiency but also enables Green 4 Wales to provide a reliable and consistent supply of AdBlue® to its customers.

OptiMate brings several benefits to both customers and the environment. The optimised delivery process reduces the risk of spills or leaks, minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in fuel distribution.

Photos courtesy of Green 4 Wales

A partnership since 2011

MechTronic has been Green 4 Wales preferred electronic metering supplier since 2011. Over time, they moved from MaxFlow to become the first OptiMate user within the UK in 2016 with four trucks operating this revolutionary system.

Since then, they have increased their fleet to 13 OptiMate’s, with a further 13 due for delivery over the next year.

Chris Wilkie, Head of Commercial at MechTronic said: “OptiMate presents an innovative solution for optimising AdBlue® distribution, and it is fantastic to be able to support our customers in contributing to a cleaner and greener future for all.”