NEW for 2021: Enhanced OptiMate firmware!

At MechTronic our philosophy has always been to ‘listen to our customers and strive to meet their expectations’ and we are delighted that, in 2021 we can, through our partnership with ALMA, provide additional firmware that meets our customers’ requirements and supports them with their busy delivery demands.

Below we detail how the latest OptiMate features benefit fuel oil operatives, this information is also available as a PDF to download.

NEW automatic features within OptiMate

  • Automatic compartment changeover supports product delivery from multiple compartments (that contain the same product), once a compartment is empty. This automatic process ensures that the driver can remain at the point of delivery without needing to return to the tanker to switch compartments.
  • Volume load plan per compartment enables fuel oil operatives to preload product volumes by compartment. Once inputted, the intuitive interface will display the current onboard fuel levels and allow drivers to select an appropriate compartment. In addition, a printout of the volume loaded and current volume onboard is available at any time.
  • Automatic line change between bulk and hose delivers increased control and flexibility when switching between a hose and bulk delivery with two different products – without causing a contamination! This means that drivers can for example, make a kerosene delivery through the hose reel and for their next delivery, they can perform a bulk diesel delivery without contaminating their fuel loads – no calculations need to be made as OptiMate will automatically calculate and perform the correct line change volumes required.
  • Fully optimised delivery setup and intuitive software ensures that OptiMate recognises what product was last delivered and what is in the hose! This means that the setup and delivery process is streamlined by removing unnecessary keying in of inventory/load plans and scrolling through products and compartments – drivers can be confident and assured that this new process will not present a wrong compartment or product therefore preventing a fuel contamination.

A complete metering system for all your fuel delivery requirements

OptiMate has been designed with the fuel oil operative in mind and has been developed based on customer feedback. Engineered to feature a range of automatic processes such as product loading via our bespoke SPGI system, automatic line change and the automatic process of emptying of the manifold – drivers and fuel oil operatives are confident that the correct fuel is delivered every time and free from contamination.

A metering system that is future-proof and built to last. OptiMate is engineered to the highest calibre and as an electronic fuel metering system that sees ongoing investment from the manufacturers, as additional updates are available, the software can be quickly and easily updated to ensure that fuel oil operatives have the latest features available and can continue to benefit from future developments.