OptiMate: An innovative and unique self-draining manifold

OptiMate 500

In the fourth of our series that focusses on the 5 unique benefits of OptiMate, we focus on the innovative, self-draining manifold. 

An industry first that further enhances a cleaner line change and protects fuel oil distributors against contamination. MechTronic’s self-draining manifold automatically empties before introducing a new product when a line change is required and prevents a possible contamination. 

Preventing contamination with a self-draining manifold 

  • A three-degree self-draining manifold ensures that no fuel traps occur when changing products  
  • Working in conjunction with the automatic line change procedure, OptiMate empties the manifold before introducing the next product  
  • Prevents products mixing in the manifold and protects against contamination during a line change