Drivers can remain at the point of delivery with OptiMate!

500 OptiMate's

In the third of our series that focusses on the 5 unique benefits of OptiMate, we focus on remaining at the point of delivery with the automatic compartment follow-on function.. 

OptiMate supports product delivery from multiple compartments (that contain the same product), once a compartment is empty, without the driver needing to leave the point of delivery. 

How does automatic compartment follow-on benefit fuel oil operatives? 

  • OptiMate allows drivers to perform a delivery from multiple compartments containing the same product   
  • Increasing driver efficiency as no return trips to the vehicle are required  
  • A fully automated process that prevents overspills, contamination and saves time. 

See our YouTube video that highlights how easy it is to perform a delivery from multiple compartments without needing to return to the vehicle.