How does OptiMate save you time, money and prevent contamination?

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OptiMate can typically save our customers £500 per truck, per year, due to its unique SPGI system. 

In the first of our series, we focus on how OptiMate’s automatic load plan and unique SPGI can prevent fuel contaminations and save our customers money. 

But how?

OptiMate’s automatic product load plan is one reason! 

  • The average cost for delivering the wrong product is £2,000 and the average frequency of delivering the wrong product is one contamination per truck, every four years. This means that with OptiMate’s unique SPGI, fuel contaminations can be prevented, saving our customers £500 per truck, per year.
  • OptiMate integrates with our bespoke smart product grade indicator system (SPGI). This means no manual entry processes are required, which reduces keying errors, and saves time. 
  • OptiMate recalls the last product delivered and will only present the compartments containing the same product, this means that a contamination is prevented from occurring. 

OptiMate is an innovative and reliable electronic metering system that has been built with the operator in mind and supports fuel oil operatives with their busy delivery demands. 

The automatic functions provide drivers with the information they need when they need it. They are not over faced with endless menus or buttons to press. OptiMate keeps it simple, offers the relevant function based on the last product delivered and if a driver needs to deliver an alternative fuel, OptiMate will guide them through the procedure, without causing a contamination.

Drivers have full confidence throughout their deliveries and can move to their next job quicker. Our YouTube video highlights how easy it is to load the product plan. 

OptiMate save money

Benefits of OptiMate

Over the next four weeks we will be focusing on the unique benefits of OptiMate and will bring you a specific article on how OptiMate can help support your business.

OptiMate has been designed to save fuel oil operatives: 

  • Time, money and prevent contamination. 

These three principles are consistently applied to each unique benefit that OptiMate provides and with over 590 OptiMate’s now on the road (from both new and repeat customers), it is clear to see why OptiMate is the electronic metering system of choice.