Delivering real cost savings with OptiMate

OptiMate can save fuel oil operatives £823.33 per driver, per year with its automatic compartment and line change and is proven to save drivers 20 minutes per day when compared to more traditional electronic metering systems with manual processes.*

Drivers remain at the point of delivery

OptiMate clearly displays how much product is on board, per compartment. This means prior to enacting a delivery, fuel operatives know when they need to perform a compartment and line change. 

Our latest animation demonstrates how OptiMate can save you time, money and prevent contamination.

The operator can then set the delivery to conduct an automatic compartment and line change to ensure that the full delivery is made, without needing to return to the truck to complete the compartment or line change. Drivers remain safely at the point of delivery and do not need to be up and down ladders unnecessarily. 

Whereas on a traditional metering system with manual processes, this would see the operator returning back and forth between the truck and the tank to enact a compartment and line change. 

Safer deliveries with OptiMate 

During this type of delivery, OptiMate saves your driver six unnecessary trips between the truck and the tank, not only does this save time but it also delivers a safer working environment for drivers. The more times a driver must return back and forth to the truck, rather than remaining at the point of delivery, there is a higher chance of overspills, drivers tripping or if access to the tank is on higher ground, more chance of a driver falling off the ladders.

OptiMate saves you time, money and prevents contamination! 

OptiMate is an industry first with a unique self-draining manifold and range of automatic processes that offer our customers complete peace of mind and enables the driver to remain at the point of delivery.

*Based on the current minimum wage for drivers aged over 23, as of November 2022