OptiMate in action

OptiMate offers fuel operatives a range of benefits thanks to its automatic processes, let’s delve into a typical fuel delivery scenario and fully understand the opportunities that OptiMate offers…

Imagine a driver arriving at a customer’s home and to access the tank, the driver needs to walk 100FT and then head up the ladders to get to the fuel tank.

HBS Fuels

With OptiMate, the process becomes seamless and efficient.

  • The driver programmes the delivery via the OptiMate control panel, realising there isn’t enough fuel in the current compartment, they are able to set the automatic compartment follow-on. Once the delivery has been programmed (using the intuitive driver interface and three-button panel) the driver then connects the delivery hose to the storage tank and initiates the delivery process by pressing the start button on his remote.
  • As the fuel starts flowing, OptiMate’s turbine meter accurately measures the amount of fuel being dispensed. This ensures precise accounting and prevents any discrepancies.
  • During the delivery, the compartment empties but the driver still needs to complete the delivery. This is where the automatic compartment change function kicks in. Without any manual intervention, and the driver remaining at the top of the tank, the system seamlessly switches to a different compartment containing the same fuel type.
  • With the delivery completed, the driver can disconnect the hose and return to the vehicle and move on to the next delivery without any delay or risk of contamination.

Watch our short animation below and see how many trips back and forth to the vehicle your driver could save.