Optimising fuel delivery with OptiMate

OptiMate is an innovative and reliable electronic metering system developed by MechTronic with the operator’s needs in mind. It is specifically designed to support businesses facing demanding delivery requirements. Launched in 2016, OptiMate was developed to meet customer demands for fuel contamination prevention while providing a range of automatic processes to enhance efficiency.

Fuel contamination prevention 

OptiMate addresses the issue of fuel contamination by implementing full anti-cross contamination measures. One of its key features is the self-draining manifold, which automatically empties itself before introducing a new product during line changes. This eliminates the risk of possible contamination and ensures the delivery of clean fuel to customers. 

Streamlined operations 

By incorporating automatic processes, OptiMate simplifies the delivery process for drivers. The system includes an automatic line change feature, allowing drivers to set a standard delivery that includes an automatic line change at the end. This eliminates the need for drivers to return to the tanker to initiate the process, saving time and improving operational efficiency.

Additionally, OptiMate offers automatic compartment follow-on functionality, eliminating the need for drivers to return to the road tanker to enact compartment changes. With this feature, drivers can execute compartment changes seamlessly, resulting in more efficient and safer deliveries. 

Future-proof solution 

OptiMate is a future-proof solution that meets the evolving needs of our customers and the fuel delivery industry. The latest release of OptiMate introduces hose/bulk and gravity metering through the same accurate turbine meter, regardless of the delivery method. This ensures that every litre of fuel is properly metered and accounted for, facilitating accurate billing and inventory management.