Green 4 Wales: Clean, green, and efficient with OptiMate

Green 4 Wales is a leading company in the field of sustainable energy solutions. In operation since 2010 (formerly Oil 4 Wales), they have been at the forefront of the move towards greener fuel deliveries such as HVO and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their core business activities. Green 4 Wales actively seeks out innovative solutions that align with their environmental goals. By embracing OptiMate, Green 4 Wales has taken a significant step toward achieving their sustainability objectives. The system’s advanced features have allowed them to streamline their operations and minimise their impact on the environment. With OptiMate, they can ensure fuel efficiency, prevent contamination, and ultimately reduce their carbon emissions.

A partnership since 2011

Green 4 Wales dedication to sustainability is not only commendable but also a testament to their long-term vision. Through their commitment to sustainability, Green 4 Wales is leading the way towards a greener future.

Image of Green 4 Wales Tanker featuring MechTronic's OptiMate

MechTronic has been Green 4 Wales preferred electronic metering supplier since 2011. Over time, they made the decision to move from MaxFlow to become the first OptiMate user within the UK in 2016 with four trucks operating this revolutionary system. 

Since then, they have increased their fleet to 14 OptiMate’s, with a further 12 due for delivery over the next year.

Brad Wilkie, Managing Director at MechTronic said: It has been a pleasure to work with Green 4 Wales and to see our relationship grow. It is certainly an exciting time to see what this next stage of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives offers providers like Green 4 Wales.