Introduction to OptiMate and DualTronique

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OptiMate is an advanced metering solution that caters to the changing needs of the fuel industry. It comes packed with advanced features and functionalities that streamline the metering process with precision and efficiency.

Our latest addition, DualTronique, combines two separate metering functions into a single metering head, providing a comprehensive approach to fuel delivery.

Why is DualTronique needed in the AdBlue market?

Before the implementation of DualTronique, fuel operatives faced several challenges related to the efficiency and accuracy of the metering process when delivering both fuel and AdBlue. The use of separate metering devices for fuel and AdBlue deliveries not only complicated operations but also raised the possibility of contamination and inefficiencies.

By integrating DualTronique, fuel operatives can now combine two separate metering functions into a single device. This streamlined the metering process, allowing fuel and AdBlue deliveries to be carried out using just one OptiMate metering head. This not only provides better control to fuel operatives but also significantly improves efficiency and accuracy.

D Morgan Truck with OptiMate's DualTronique metering system
The MechTronic team with D Morgan PLC’s tanker at the UKIFDA EXPO. This innovative tanker includes our, DualTronique metering system which enables fuel and AdBlue deliveries through one OptiMate metering head.

DualTronique delivers:

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: The integration of DualTronique enables fuel operatives to streamline their metering process, which results in significant time and cost savings. Companies can optimise their operational efficiency by eliminating the need for separate metering devices, which reduces time and resource requirements.
  • Contamination Prevention: The consolidated metering solution reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring that fuel and AdBlue deliveries are carried out with a lower likelihood of errors or mix-ups.

Across the UK, several DualTronique systems are already in use by various clients, who are reaping the benefits that DualTronique delivers.

At MechTronic we were exceptionally pleased to see that DualTronique was shortlisted for UKIFDA’s Innovation Award and to see D Morgan PLC’s tanker, complete with DualTronique at the UKIFDA EXPO was the icing on the cake! A fantastic build that will soon be on the road making deliveries.