Halso UK Fuels Ltd deliver with OptiMate

Established in 1967, Halso UK Fuels Ltd is recognised as one of the country’s experts in petroleum, gas, and oil supply, and distribution. In April 2023, Halso UK Fuels Ltd took delivery of two OptiMate electronic metering systems, taking their fleet to four OptiMate’s.

Halso UK Fuels Ltd prides itself on its excellent customer service and the adoption of the OptiMate electronic metering system has brought significant improvements to its fuel delivery operations.

Improved efficiency and speed

OptiMate’s automation capabilities have significantly increased the efficiency and speed of fuel deliveries. Drivers can stay at the point of delivery while line changes and compartment changes occur automatically, without having to return to the truck. This feature allows them to complete more deliveries in a day, ultimately benefiting the customers who receive their fuel promptly.

Reduced fuel contamination and errors

One of the key advantages of OptiMate is its ability to mitigate the risk of fuel contamination and errors. The electronic metering system prevents drivers from selecting the wrong compartment, ensuring that the correct type of fuel is delivered without any contamination. This feature not only enhances safety but also provides drivers with additional reassurance and confidence in their work.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By streamlining the fuel delivery process, OptiMate can ensure that deliveries are faster and more importantly accurate. OptiMate can significantly optimise fuel delivery operations, ultimately benefiting both service providers and their customers.

OptiMate a futureproof solution

Duncan Arthur, Operations Director at Halso UK Fuels Ltd said: “In the competitive fuel delivery industry, OptiMate stands out as the ultimate electronic metering system for fuel contamination prevention. Its innovative features, including anti-cross contamination measures, automatic line changes, and compartment follow-on, streamline the delivery process while ensuring the highest level of safety and efficiency.”